What Makes Up A HD TVI CCTV System?

Posted by Global Vue on 25/09/2015 07:13:00

HD TVI CCTV systems are amongst the highest-quality in the world. Much like any other security system, they can seem extremely complicated from the outside, but they are actually amongst the easiest and most rewarding systems to set up overall.

What Is A HD TVI CCTV System?

HD-TVI stands for High-Definition Transport Video Interface, which essentially means that the received video signals – captured by one or more high-definition cameras, are sent in an uncompressed and digital format over a coaxial cable to ensure that no image quality is lost.

Unlike IP solutions, these systems are not reliant on the upkeep of an external network and do not suffer as a result of network interruptions caused by either bandwidth limitations or the latency often resulting from IP image conversion.

What Makes Up A HD TVI CCTV System?

HD TVI CCTV systems are typically composed of multiple high-quality cameras along with a TVI DVR Bay and external storage, such as a portable hard drive. There is virtually no limit to the amount of cameras that you can attach to a system; you just need to ensure that you choose the right hub for your system.

You can find a diverse range of camera styles, matching to a variety of specifications and with a range of features, to ensure that you can enjoy a stable and secure surveillance solution for your property. From distinct cameras to deter criminal activity to discreet models with night-vision to capture antisocial behaviour in the act, HD TVI CCTV systems can be composed of a range of different products and components to offer a completely efficient and bespoke video-audio security solution.

Why Are HD TVI CCTV Systems So Popular?

It is because of this sheer customisability and the range of features that the systems can enjoy that they have become so popular. All HD TVI systems have a range of strengths and advantages over their traditional counterparts, including;

  • Low ownership and maintenance costs.
  • Compliancy with open standard, which guarantees compatibility amongst devices from different manufacturers utilising the same technology.
  • Instant signal transmission, with no compression, no delay and no system latency – this means that you can view events unfold in real time, from anywhere in the world.
  • A huge maximum distance between cameras and the DVR – in fact, they can be up to 500 metres apart in most situations.
  • For added security, transmitted signals are immune to external electromagnetic interference.

HD TVI CCTV Systems, From Global Vue’s Loss-Prevention Specialists

Here at Global Vue, we are extremely proud to offer a diverse range of HD TVI CCTV systems, and a bespoke installation service to ensure that your property enjoys the audio-visual protection that it deserves.

We offer effective surveillance technology for hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, schools and private domiciles and our loss-prevention specialists are dedicated to improving the security of a wide range of properties all over the country.

For the very best in HD TVI CCTV systems and installation services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 0844 544 3955 – alternatively, you can email us directly at sales@globalvue.co.uk.

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