What Sets Hikvision CCTV Products Apart?

Posted by Global Vue on 19/02/2016 09:27:00

Hikvision has had a meteoric rise to the top of the video security industry. Since its inception, in 2001, the company has continued to deliver the very best video surveillance products and complete solutions across the world. Although it only began with a staff of 30 people, it didn't take long for the company to grow into the industry giant that it is today, with more than 14,500 employees spread around the globe.

The best CCTV systems in London all make the most of Hikvision's industry-leading products. Retail stores, office spaces and home are all dependent on the company's products for their security. Even educational facilities, like schools and colleges, have improved their pupil and staff safety with these intelligently-designed cameras.

Why Are Hikvision Products Leading The Video-Surveillance Industry?

In the early days, Hikvision's main focus was on small video compression cards, not only complete surveillance solutions. However, thanks to the company's focus on research and product development, they were quickly able to expand. It is this concentration, along with the organisation's ability to quickly turn ideas into practical solutions, which has facilitated its growth into the industry-leader that it is today.

Boasting the industry's strongest research and development wings, Hikvision has always placed innovation at the top of its list of priorities. This is not only obvious through the diverse range of products that Hikvision has produced over the last 15 years, but through its consistent dedication providing its team with state of the art test equipment and manufacturing capabilities.

The company's complete range of products include:

  • Smart IP Cameras;
  • NVRs;
  • DVRs;
  • Speed Domes;
  • Video Management Software;
  • Access Control And Alarm Systems;
  • Encoders And Decoders;
  • Complete, Sophisticated Security Systems;

Hikvision has a reputation for not only providing unbeatable CCTV for specific industries, but also creating great alternative for more general use as well. Over the years, Hikvision products have been used in a range of industries, including;

  • Healthcare;
  • Transportation;
  • Law Enforcement;
  • Energy;
  • Retail;
  • Smart City Development;
  • Banking;
  • Building Management;
  • Domestic;

    The Future Of Video Surveillance Technology!

    Hikvision's new headquarters may have only opened in 2014; the company is already looking to push the future of CCTV security by building a completely new R&D facility adjacent to their HQ. Planned to be finished in 2018, the new facility will be three times to size of the current building, covering almost 2.7 million square feet and housing 11,000 employees.

    With such a large and talented workforce, combined with the very best research facilities and manufacturing techniques, it is no surprise that security businesses all over the world are looking towards Hikvision for direction on the future of CCTV.

    Hikvision's focus is currently on making the very best in modern CCTV affordable for a wide audience, with the Easy IP range driving the industry forward and becoming an essential component of many CCTV systems in London and across the world.

    Global Vue: Hikvision And The Best CCTV Systems In London!

    Here at Global Vue, we firmly believe that Hikvision provides the very best CCTV products for all kinds of industries and uses. If you're looking for a future-proof, reliable CCTV system in London, then you cannot afford to miss out on the advantages supplied by Hikvision's industry-leading products combined with our team's expert installation and system setup services.

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