What To Look For In IP Security Camera Systems!

Posted by Global Vue on 02/09/2015 09:40:00

Amongst the wide range of advantages offered by an IP security camera system, the most lauded is the ability to know exactly what is going on at home, when you aren't there. Whether you're checking in on your pets, your family or even on an collection of irreplaceable antiques or exotic jewels, an effective home surveillance system can be essential for your own pace of mind, as much as to actually ensure your home's security.

It is important to remember that capabilities vary from device to device. Some models will offer a live feed, whilst some will only allow you to access recorded video. Some will have in-built alarms, some can email or text you notifications and some offer two-way audio.

What Should You Look For In An IP Security Camera System?

There are a huge range of factors you need to consider when picking out the perfect models for your system and it is often advisable to integrate different cameras into your system depending on their location and purpose.

The Level Of Detail

  • Resolution – IP camera resolution image quality is measured in pixels. The greater the resolution, the higher-quality image you will be able to see. For example, 1280 x 1024 will be able to see a more detailed image than 480 x 800.
  • Field Of View – The camera's field of view will also have an effect on resolution. The FOV is the viewable area of a given scene as it is captured by the camera. It is also referred to as the angle of view or coverage.
  • Lens Selections – A camera lens with a higher focal number will deliver increased magnification, whilst a lower focal number will provide a wider field of view. If you choose a high-resolution IP camera, then you need to select a high-resolution lens in order to maintain the same level of resolution to give a clear and detailed image.

Low-Light Conditions

  • True Day And Night – A camera with true day/night functionality will deliver crisp and clear images in low light conditions. This feature is particularly important in external cameras, as it will result in high-quality images no matter what the external lighting situation.
  • Wide Dynamic Range – WDR is also an important factor when determining a camera's ability to produce a clear image in a diverse lighting environment. WDR balances the contrast of light and shadow. When you choose an IP security camera system with this functionality, you can enjoy clear video with near perfect exposure in harsh lighting conditions, such as extremely bright, dark or backlight areas within a scene.

Of course, there are a range of other aspects that you need to consider when deciding on a high-quality IP security camera system, such as your network's bandwidth capabilities, the amount of cameras that you will require and that you don't forget about the availability of power.

Global Vue's Effective IP Security Camera Systems

Here at Global Vue, we offer a range of IP security camera systems. Our loss-prevention and home security specialists will undertake the entire project from start to finish. When you choose Global Vue's domestic security solutions, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your home will be fitted with the ideal IP CCTV cameras for your needs.

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