When Should You Use CCTV In Your School?

Posted by Global Vue on 18/02/2016 09:43:00

If you're planning to make the most out of video surveillance to improve the security and safety of both pupils and staff in your school, you need to ensure that their use is justifiable. Similarly, once you have introduced CCTV for schools, you need to make certain that they are used in an appropriate manner and do not hamper either employee comfort or pupil learning.

It is extremely important that any CCTV you use is done so conservatively, and only positioned in the areas where it is needed. You cannot intrude on your pupils' privacy, and this can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around when trying to create a secure and protected property.

CCTV For Your Property's Security And Pupil Protection

Positioning closed-circuit TV in school grounds is typically justifiable if it works to ensure the safety of pupils and protect school property. However, in many situations, it isn't necessarily the best security move to consider from the get-go. There are a range of different solutions which you can consider in order to improve your security, including improved lighting.

It is important, when you do come to install video surveillance, that you display the correct signage within the immediate proximity of the cameras themselves. All of your signage should:

· Inform pupils, staff and members of the public that their image is being recorded and the reasons why;

· Provide a contact number for further information;

· Give the name of the school;

CCTV For Schools – Monitoring Movement And Behaviour In Education

It is important to remember that, in educational facilities, you need to be careful with all of your security efforts and make sure that you are able to justify them. Only in extreme circumstances should you invade anyone's privacy – for example, in a changing room or in a bathroom. It is important that your solutions don't have the capacity to record conversations of any kind, but only visuals. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is likely to consider this functionality highly intrusive and it is never likely to be justified.

Things To Consider Before Installing CCTV In Your School

· It is important that you consider all alternative solutions before installing video surveillance. If you believe that CCTV is the best solution to solve an issue with bullying, then it is best to get in touch with your council's anti-bullying team for further advice.

· You need to carry out a privacy impact assessment in order to understand how your security will affect the right to privacy of both pupils and staff. For more information on privacy impact assessments, you need to get in touch with ICO themselves.

· By consulting parents and pupils, as well as taking your staff's advice into consideration, you can work to create a much more positive view of your video surveillance. When possible, you need to gain consent to record people's images. If you can't obtain consent, then you need to ensure that everyone affected is informed about your CCTV installation. If you failure to make everyone aware, then you risk running afoul of the Human Rights Act and the Data Protection Act.

Installing Your CCTV System In School!

Video Surveillance In The Classroom

Now, there are a range of different reasons why you might choose to employ effective and intelligent CCTV for schools. Bullying is often a major problem on the schoolyard, and exterior video cameras can help to prevent this. However, other benefits can include the managing of pupils' behaviour in the classroom or the performance management of both pupils and staff.

Again, it is important to obtain consent beforehand or, if consent is not forthcoming, at least make your pupils, their parents and your staff aware. Installing CCTV in classrooms can often be a hard sell to everyone involved, but if you thoroughly explain your reasoning, many parents and staff will support you.

CCTV In Changing Rooms And Toilets

CCTV, and other surveillance assets, should not be used in those areas which suggest a heightened degree of privacy – it takes something very serious in order to make this kind of camera placement justifiable.

The typical view of the ICO is that cameras may only be used in these areas if they pose a danger to your staff or students and, even then, they need to be intelligently positioned in order to protect privacy as much as possible.

High-Performing CCTV Security For Schools And Colleges!

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