Why Do You Need To Upgrade To An IP Security System?

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Over the past few years, IP security systems have rapidly grown in popularity for a whole host of reasons. These network-based systems offer a diverse range of advantages and can include features such as the latest in footfall analytics which can really make them stand ahead of their competitors.

Here at Global Vue, can provide a diverse range of IP security systems to ensure that your business maintains high levels of security for both your staff and customers, whilst also benefitting from a range of other advantages.

What Are The Key Benefits Of IP Surveillance Systems?

  • Superior Quality – IP cameras feature high-definition and offer advanced numbers of megapixels, which means that they can provide superior image quality, with as many details as possible caught in the supremely detailed images.

    High resolution internet-protocol cameras also tend to have a much greater field of view, which reduces the number of cameras required within an overall video surveillance system.
  • Intelligent Software Increases Effectiveness – Video software within the system are the main things which make modern CCTV cameras much more intelligent than their predecessors. Footfall analytics, in particular, can be hugely important in retail outlets and can offer a quick and easy way of collecting accurate information about your store.

    There is a range of other intelligent software which can be integrated into CCTV systems. Applications include motion detection, spotting an object being removed from a specific spot, virtual tripwire detection and more.

    With intelligent video analytics software, cameras can become complete members of your team, operating as practical research tools as well as security options.
  • Flexibility Through Easy Installation – IP cameras tend to operate via a Power-over-Ethernet cable or through wireless technologies. This means that they can be installed much more simply than traditional analogue models, which often required multiple cables to be effectively installed.

    IP solutions can also be integrated much more effectively to your existing computer systems, requiring much less in the terms of major system upheaval whilst simultaneously offering a variety of advantages which were only dreamt of a few short years ago.

    These kinds of CCTV surveillance are also easily scalable, allowing the business in question room to grow and evolve as required, without having to sacrifice effective property security.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs – IP systems are typically much cheaper to maintain, as they utilise energy in a much more effective way than their predecessors. Similarly, they are going to be increasingly easier to repair over the next few years, as more and more business move towards IP, which will lower the cost of any replacement components or models which are required.

Choose Practical CCTV, Including Footfall Analytics, With Global Vue!

Here at Global Vue, we firmly believe in the advantages of IP surveillance systems over analogue CCTV. The diverse range of benefits that they provide, include footfall analytics, really set them apart from any of their competitors, and shows them to be an industry-leading solution to the issue of video surveillance for retail, industrial, hospitality and domestic properties.

For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today on 0844 544 3955. Alternatively, you can email any questions that you might have to our team directly at sales@globalvue.co.uk.

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