Why Should You Choose HD TVI CCTV?

Posted by Global Vue on 14/09/2015 09:07:00

HD TVI CCTV systems offer a wide range of benefits over their alternatives. This format of HD surveillance technology delivers high-resolution megapixel surveillance video content and is as simple to install and operate as traditional examples of analogue CCTV.

It can be extremely difficult to decide on which is the ideal model for your needs, as each format will offer a variety of different benefits. It can look simple from the outside, but when it comes to picking out the perfect CCTV system, you cannot afford to make any mistakes.

Here at Global Vue, our loss-prevention specialists will help you to decide on which is the ideal system for your needs, but we thought we'd list a few of HD TVI CCTV's benefits over traditional alternatives.

The Advantages Of An Intelligent HD TVI CCTV System

  • Megapixel Resolution – High-definition images provide incredible forensic detail and feature incredible zoom capabilities for both facial recognition and license plate identification. HD-TVI systems produce high-resolution megapixel images and enable you to zoom in on certain aspects of the video content for closer inspection.
  • Simple Installation – When it comes to HD TVI CCTV installation, there is no IP networking required, which can make it much easier to install. Similarly, HD TVI doesn't require a complex network infrastructure, so installation time is much quicker than installing an IP video security system.
  • Zero Latency – With HD TVI CCTV, you are given the ability to monitor video content in real-time, without even the slightest of transmission delays which is often present in other forms of video surveillance. The video that you see is completely live, and so you will never miss an important event due to a delay in transmission.
  • Lowered Cabling Requirements – With TVI, you can transmit high-quality video quickly and with a great signal quality. HD-TVI allows you to use your existing RG59 and Cat5/6 coax cables, making it an easy system to install if you are upgrading from a previous system.
  • Longer Transmission – With this format of CCTV system, you can transmit HD video up to 1600' over RG59 cabling – that is approximately 3x the distance of an alternative IP system. HD-TVI offers the longest distance transmission over coax and lower-quality cabling, when compared to other HD analogue formats. This makes HD-TVI the ideal HD format for long-distance installation with longer cable runs.

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Here at Global Vue, our team of dedicated and professional loss-prevention specialists will advise and work alongside you to decide on the perfect CCTV system for your requirements. We are committed to finding the right system for each and every one of our customers, and we ensure that we only use industry-leading hardware and software.

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