Footfall Analytics

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With the latest Prism Skylabs software, you can truly evolve your security camera measures into an incredibly powerful business intelligence tool. By adding this software to your cameras, you can take footfall analytics into account and measure the size of a crowd in any area of your business.

When you choose to take advantage of the best people counting software available, you can also increase your understanding of your customers' journeys through your store, their activities and their product interactions. Footfall analytics give you the opportunity to truly understand how your customers behave whilst they are in your store, and how you can further optimise your layout and products to appeal to their needs and desires..

Understanding Customer Movement Through Analytics

This cloud-based software allows you to enjoy clever data visualisation, rather than viewing a complex chart of figures. Data is presented in an easy to understand visual summary, to ensure that you make the most out of your store analytics.

With Prism Skylabs software, you can enjoy an instant snapshot of your store's performance, understand which products and areas are the most engaging for customers and truly examine customer movement throughout your retail presence. This data can also be quickly presented in a number of formats over any given period of time, allowing you to analyse your busiest times of the day with ease.

The Advantages of Footfall Analytics

With the ability to compare any number of locations, or customise to any area, you can understand how footfall compares from store to store, or even simply entrance to entrance. With this information, you can alter that layout of your store to guide customers to where they want to go that much easier, and increase their likelihood of finding the item that they desire.

This platform is easily accessible on desktop computers, laptops and tablet PCs with real-time integration, remote access and scales to any number of your observed locations. You can zoom into incredible detail, to find the very best spot to position your prized products, and even protect the privacy and identity of your customers by removing their image form the data.

Precise and Reliable Footfall Analytics, Global Vue

At Global Vue, we offer only the very best people counting software and footfall analytics available. To truly optimise your business space for your customer's convenience, contact Global Vue today on 0800 044 3878.

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