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As one of the most popular high-end security camera solutions, HD TVI CCTV offers some of the highest quality pictures in the world. HD-TVI stands for High-Definition Transport Video Interface. Essentially, this means that the received video signals, captured by a high-quality camera, are sent in a digital and uncompressed format over a coaxial cable to deliver a staggering picture quality.

Aside from the complete advantage of 1080p images, which are some of the most clear and defined images available today, High-Def CCTV systems also offer a number of advantages of increasingly common IP camera solutions.

Why Use HD TVI CCTV from Global Vue?

The images taken by a HD security system are much more reliable and of a higher quality than any alternatives. As they are run over an RG59 coax cable, these images are not reliant on the upkeep of a network, like IP solutions are. The image quality itself is far more robust, and does not suffer from network interruptions caused by either bandwidth limitations or the latency caused by the IP's image conversion.

The Turbo HD DVRs can also work alongside analogue and IP cameras, which can then lead to the development of a 'Tribrid' recording system. One of the major advantages a HD TVI CCTV system is that they usually require less knowledge of networking capabilities and general IT skills than their IP alternatives.

Our high-performing systems are competitively priced and have much lower running costs, whilst offering a more reliable and clearer service. The latest HD recorders also come with great network connectivity and generally free remote viewing software.

If you're looking for a reliable and high-quality security camera system for either your business or your home, then you need to look no further than the industry leading HD TVI CCTV solutions offered by Global Vue.

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As one of the fastest growing lifestyle and fashion retailers in the country, Fat Face needed to ensure the complete safety of both its customers and its staff, whilst simultaneously reducing the amount of lost profits as a result of illegal or antisocial activity. Fat Face asked our expert team at Global Vue to find a cost-effective solution that would future proof the estate. With many stores now open later into the evening, it is more important than ever to discourage criminal behaviour, and maintain the security of the store, its personnel and the general public.

For more information on the role Global Vue played in increasing this retail store's security, why not take a look at our Fat Face Case Study?

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