IP Security Cameras

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IP cameras work by turning images and received audio information into data, which is then transmitted through a network or via an internet connection. The ultimate benefit of this style of security camera over alternatives if that they allow a much greater flexibility better performance and a much easier installation. Introducing an IP security camera system will enable you to position cameras wherever you want them, and they are simple to move and replace in the event of a home or workplace refurbishment.

Whilst IP CCTV has been available for around 10 years, it is only in the last few years that the technology has matured and really come into its own. The recent developments in Megapixel IP technology has enabled the potential for much more reliable service from any IP CCTV system, along with higher resolution images and increased versatility.

IP Security Camera System In The UK

An IP CCTV system communicates through internet protocol, which allows it to easily and quickly integrate, and co-exist, on the same network or cabling solutions as other devices. This can include other IP based systems such as Access Control and IP communication systems, such as phone networks. The integration of these systems also means that they can work together in a much more efficient manner. IP systems allow the direct use of IP-based services as standard, including email services and image sending via file transfer protocol.

With an IP security camera system, you can view the live feed over an internet connection anywhere in the world, on a wide range of devices from a personal computer or a laptop to a tablet PC or a mobile phone. All you need is web access and your system's details, and you can view any one of the internet protocol high resolution cameras that overlooks your property or business.

The Drawbacks Of An IP Security Camera System

Generally, the major drawback of an internet protocol camera solution is that it can be more expensive than a traditional system, but they can save you time and money when installing the system itself. There is also a degree of latency in IP camera solutions, which means that there is a slight delay in live images as the chip in the camera converts the video signal into internet protocol.

With all IP solutions, the cost of support and maintenance is often higher, and there is a degree of technical experience required on the user's part.

An Industry-Leading IP CCTV System For You

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